5 Bullet Friday: I Gave Up Coffee For This?!

Hey Friend!
Happy Friday!
I know you have been kicking major ass this week and you’ve been CRUSHING your goals.
Today I am excited to bring you 5 Bullet Friday.
Every week from here on out I will be delivering five bullet points of information to you about the following topics: what quotes have inspired me in the week, any supplement or fitness gadget I love, things my clients are doing that are helping them see AMAZING results, and any deep thought or message I’ve found truly inspirational.
This is a deeper level of content that I am so excited to share with you every week.
Let’s get into this weeks five bullets shall we?
1) Quote that inspired me: “Success in not final, failure is not fatal, it’s the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill.
I love this quote for so many reasons. One, it proves that success is not final. You never stop learning, stop growing, or stop trying to get better.
Two, it shows that failure is ONLY fatal if you quit. Failure actually offers a lot of lessons and opportunities for growth. I wrote a great blog about lessons I learned from Churchill here for you to check out
2) Supplement I love right now: Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition.
I absolutely love this stuff. So much, that it’s replaced my morning cup of coffee before the gym! Why do I love it?
It uses green tea extract for caffeine which is loaded with antioxidants and health benefits.
It’s a MUCH healthier alternative to things like sugar free red bull and sugar free monsters.
It provides amino acids so it’s PERFECT to take before a workout. If you need more help on what to eat before a workout watch this video here for a full break down.
Plus Optimum Nutrition is a company I trust that has GMP certified facilities in the USA for quality control.
3) What my clients are doing to help them WIN: Planning their meals ahead of time!
It’s no secret that learning to log your intake and follow a new nutrition plan can be difficult.
But I will tell you that my clients who log their foods the night BEFORE and plan their days ahead of time have greater success than the ones who don’t. This gives proof to the old adage: Fail to plan and you plan to fail.
So, if you are struggling with hitting your daily macro goals, try planing your meals the night before. Especially with protein as most people tend to under eat on their protein goals.
4) Fitness gadget that I love right now: Deep tissue ball.
Yes, you read that right, literally a small little ball has had a HUGE impact on my mobility and my recovery.
I actually owe this one to my wife.
After any long flight her body would be so stiff and sore. She researched what to do and found that by sitting on this small, firm ball it would help reduce tension in targeted areas.
This is also great to use for tight spots in your back as you can place the ball against a wall and really dig into sore spots.
Plus, it cost on average a whopping five bucks. SCORE!
5) Deep thought of the week: You weren’t born with your bad habits, skills, beliefs, or even fears. They were all learned.
This statement is very powerful when you really hone in on it especially when it comes to fear.
Do you know there are only two natural fears for humans to have? The fear of loud noises and the fear of falling down. That’s it. Everything else we’ve learned throughout our life.
Fear of failure, fear of death, fear of being alone are ALL self imposed fears that we create.
The good news is if you created them, you can delete them as well.
But how?
Start off EVERY morning with a pen and paper and write down what you are grateful for in that moment. Don’t just think about it, you have to write it.
This shifts your focus from any fear, anxiety, or doubt and places it on gratitude.
It’s IMPOSSIBLE to feel fear and gratitude at the same time.
I’d love to hear what YOU are grateful for today!
If you enjoyed this post and want to share what you are grateful for hit REPLY and let’s chat!
I had fun writing this, so I hope you took some value away from it 🙂
Talk soon my friend!
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