5 Proven Tips to Overcoming Objections in Your Nutrition Coaching Consult

5 Proven Tips to Overcoming Objections in Your Coaching Consult

Would you like to know how to close new coaching clients and never hear the word NO again during your sales pitch? In this episode you will discover the five step method to overcome any objections on your sale’s calls so you can close more clients. The four steps include: agree, identify, isolate, overcome, and close.

First, as an online business coach you must first agree with someone objections to show you acknowledge and care about their objection. Next, identify what more information you can give to make them feel more comfortable in the conversation. Third, you need to isolate and provide the missing information. Now it’s time to overcome the objection. What is really holding them back from working with a dietitian? Finally, you can’t forget to close! Ask your potential client, “What program can we get you started with today?”

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