RD Business Ignition Program

• with Tony Stephan •


I’m looking for a few action-taking RD’s for an exclusive coaching experience…

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Hey friend, Tony here.

I’m going to assume that you’re here because you have the dreams, desires, and passions as a Registered Dietitian to use your credential and expertise for something greater than just giving a 15 minute diet education at a patient’s bedside, but you’re confused on how to connect your formal education as an RD, to the real-world success of owning an online nutrition coaching business, right?

Or, maybe you’re here because you were so successful with the Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Certification, and now you are wondering: “How do I use this knowledge to sell myself online?” 

“How do I actually market and position myself online so I can make money and impact and stand out from the crowd!”

“How do I learn the sales and marketing that we were NOT taught in school as RD’s!”

Or, maybe you are seeking to fill the void you are missing at home from not having any Dietitian Entrepreneurs who “get you” and your BIG dreams and goals.  You’ve been inspired by the I Believe Mastermind movement and you find yourself wanting to be part of the movement we’re creating of RD’s building their income and impact online!

Well, either way, you’re in the right spot.

Let me show you how I can help you inside of our next RD Business Ignition program.

This exclusive, invite-only coaching experience is strictly limited 30 students. I prefer to keep this small so I can give each member plenty of one-on-one time and really focus in on you and your business goals.

Do I need tons of clients to do this?

NO! 99% of our clients who do the RD Business Ignition Program start off with ZERO clients. We actually show you how to market and obtain your first clients. You do NOT need any clients to do this program. We will show you the proven process to follow for client attraction.

Do I need money in my business to start?

NO! Most businesses do not start with capital or money. Heck, when I started my business I went into credit card debt to hire my coach. Do you think Apple and Steve Jobs had billions of dollars when they started making computers in his parent’s garage?

You need the desire to succeed and the willingness to get RESOURCEFUL when you lack resources.

Most of our students who join this program DO NOT have the $5000 sitting in their bank account. But they find a way to do it and get resourceful, and because of that, they’re successful.

Will you do the same?


Do I need to devote every waking hour of my time to succeed?

NO! We understand exactly where you’re at in your business. And we have created this program to fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around. Most students put in 2-4 hours per week and are massively successful. You get into this, what you put into it.

When the WHY is powerful enough the HOW appears. So if you REALLY want to do this, you can find a way to make it work.


Do I need to complete the Dietitian Coaching Certification Level 1/2 before beginning ?

We require you to have the Level 1 completed by the time the program STARTS. Most students claim a spot in the ignition program while still finishing up Level 1.

Level 2 is NOT a prerequisite and will not teach you anything business-related (sales, marketing, client attraction social media.) Those topics are exclusively discussed in the RD Business Ignition program.

But hey, don’t take my word for it that the RD Business Ignition Program will CHANGE your life!

Listen to some of our past students below on their results!

Ken Roberts



Jenna Fadale


New York

Erin Lopynski



Abby Mcqueen



Erin Lichter



Alexis Pinto


New Jersey

Kara Goss



Ashley Anderson



Kelsey Hojara



Starla Garcia



Laura Gaston



Hannah Boyl



This Exclusive Experience Is Broken Down Into 3 Main Phases:

PHASE 1: From RD Employee to RD Entrepreneur

Listen, we are NOT trained to be entrepreneurs as dietitians. In fact, our formal education puts us at a DISADVANTAGE when it comes to entrepreneurship because we are taught to overthink and over analyze in college. I start you off with the tools, tactics, and mindset shift required to move from employee to entrepreneur so you can be set up to thrive in this long journey of owning your own business.

Week 1 – The mindset of an entrepreneur/how to be coached to success/Your hero’s journey/the attractive character
Week 2 – Creating your USP (unique sales proposition) and your attractive offer
Week 3 – Building your basic funnel and transform social media into business media
Week 4 – Building your email list and basic opt-in/VPS content and how to build connection and indoctrination

PHASE 2: Connection & Conversion

Anyone can post photos of food or infographics on Instagram, but that’s not what leads to success in a nutrition coaching business. I teach you how to go use SOCIAL media as BUSINESS media and how to convert followers into clients. You will receive a proven blueprint of how to use FREE tools such as social media to move someone through the 3 phases of change: SUSPECT ==> PROSPECT ==> PAYING CLIENT.

Week 5- Time Management and understanding entrepreneurial prioritization with the MIT method
Week 6 – The FIRST and MOST powerful rule of sales: Getting sold
Week 7 – The hard offer vs soft offer and #1 tactic to get clients NOW

PHASE 3: Client Attraction Foundation

Now that we’ve identified who your ideal client is, I teach you the tools and tactics required to sell your self with confidence and ease. Let’s be honest, as RD’s we aren’t taught how to sell ourselves in school. I teach you everything you need from how much to charge, how to sell direct to consumer without insurance, and how to sell on-going coaching, not just packages or sessions. This program is designed to take you from $0 – upwards to $5,000 in monthly contractual revenue. If you do this program right, it should cost you NOTHING!

Week 8 & 9 – How to sell on-going nutrition coaching and CLOSE CLIENTS on the phone from a place of VALUE and AUTHENTICITY
Week 10 – The ultimate retention tool: Future Based Coaching
Week 11 – Content that converts and SELLS for you
Week 12 – Building a powerful MOVEMENT inside your coaching business that sells via word of mouth

Your Coaching Experience Also Includes:

Small Group Coaching & Daily Accountability

We don’t just throw all this information at you and expect you to figure it out on your own.

We will all be in a private Facebook community where my team will be with you coaching you every single step of the way providing daily accountability and support. Working closely with my team we will give you support, coaching and mentorship from an RD who has actually lived what you are trying to build.

Plus, you’ll get to connect with one another because success together is so much better than success alone as an RD entrepreneur.

VALUED: $3,000

Frequently Asked Questions

I am brand new to business, and have no clients yet, and nothing set up for my business besides my dreams and goals. Can I do this program?

YES! This program is called the Ignition because we are literally IGNITING your business from the start! This is designed to help you go from $0 in monthly revenue upwards to $5000 in revenue. It is MUCH easier to build a successful coaching business when you start with the foundation!

I am working full time and can only work on my business after hours / weekends / before work. Can I succeed at this program?

YES! This program is designed to build your business into your current lifestyle! I highly encourage students to keep their full-time job until they are able to surpass their current income with their business revenue. On average, our students plan to put in 2-5 hours per week into this program. It is 100% designed to be for an RD working a full-time job. Now, if you put MORE time above 5 hours that will only help you grow faster!

I know I want to do it, but I'm afraid. Is this normal?

YES! In fact, a small amount of fear is healthy and useful! It tells me you are taking this seriously! If someone had no fear whatsoever I would be concerned about the level of commitment that RD had. Everytime you grow, and advance into unknown territory you will feel fear. It’s normal to have fear, but you can’t leat fear OWN you. During our interview call we will answer and address all your concerns and see together if it’s a “hell yes!” to work together. Here’s a great video to watch about how I overcame fear when I hired my first coach:

How to join us in the next RD Business Ignition Program?

At this time I’m only looking to work with an RD who is a good fit and a true action taker. Once you fill out the short application below, I’ll text you to set up a 30-minute “Brain Storming Call” with you so I can learn more about you and your goals, explain more about the coaching program, and if we decide this experience is a good fit then I’ll invite you to join us.

So take a moment right now to fill out the short application below and I’ll reach out to schedule our 30-minute phone chat afterward!