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Tony Stephan here….

I am so glad you made it to my blog! I think it is pretty cheesy when people drone on and on about themselves so I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer who owns an online coaching business Tony Stephan Fitness & Nutrition LLC.

My God given mission in life is to help people lose weight and KEEP it off for good WITHOUT diets or restrictions.

I have been featured as a nutrition and fat loss expert in media platforms like: Fox News, Huffington Post, Women’s Health Magazine, Readers Digest, and other radio/news publications.


My whole nutrition philosophy can be summed up by saying: No foods are off limits in a flexible approach to nutrition. And the best approach is the one YOU can stick to in the long run. That’s it.

You don’t need skinny tea, detoxes, wraps, or cleanses to lose weight and feel great. 99% of things you hear out there are complete BS. Most people are trying to sell you some bull sh*t product and scam you out of your hard earned money. I’m not here to sell you anything besides the truth. I give away my best content and advice FOR FREE. People pay me for the custom approach and helping them APPLY that knowledge to produce results 😉

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Still want to know more?

I’m a married man (lucky guy) to my best friend Andrea. We’ve been together since we were 20 and she was always my biggest supporter. She bought my first lab coat in college when I ran out of money and is at every speaking event, news segment, and meeting I go to still to this day.

My wife and I travel around a lot as I run my business from virtually anywhere (coffee shops, hotels, my house).

I walk the walk with health and fitness by competing in the men’s physique division of the NPC.

Any of my coaching clients will agree that this is my passion and purpose in life. Helping YOU achieve your health and fitness goals and breaking away from the dieting mentality the media has forced on us for so many years. So, I am here to help you however I can. Never hesitate to reach out to me for ANYTHING at all!

Talk soon!