Be Selfish

I bet that isn’t advice most RD’s are giving out these days….

I always was a little different.

I like to think all my clients are amazing people. Some, tend to go above and beyond for those who depend on them (work, children, spouses). I think this is an admirable quality and something to be proud of.

However, some of them are so selfless that they leave very little if anything left in the tank for themselves. They push aside their health and fitness goals they so desperately want (and NEED).

I have had clients miss workouts, leave early, not go to the grocery store or prep their meals because they were too busy taking care of everyone else. If this is you and you have found yourself in the past giving up your workouts, your sleep, and your health for others, then I have a very important question to ask you:

If you don’t take care of you, who else will?

I’ll follow that up with…

If you become so unhealthy or ill – Who will take care of everyone else that depends on you?

Now, I’m not saying you need to cut everyone off who has depended on you at this point. What I am doing is giving you permission to be a bit more selfish when it comes to your health.

If you need to delegate more chores to your children so you can get that evening workout in. Do it.

If you need to put you foot down and tell your boss you can’t possibly take on another project before your stress levels become unmanageable. Do it.

If you need to tell your spouse that instead of always going out to eat that you need to go grocery shopping so you can prepare healthier meals, then do it. Get them to come along as well. A healthier lifestyle is always easier when your partner is on board.

I am giving you permission to be a little selfish.

How much better of a partner, manager, parent, or employee are you going to be when you have amazing energy every day? Or, when you are in a great mood and you are truly happy from within?

Start by planning to cut away from a few things weekly that will free up more time for you.

Like any habit it becomes easier the more times you do it.

Your time away from your other responsibilities is an investment to becoming the best version of you possible.

Be selfish.

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