How I Went Into Debt To Start My Online Nutrition Coaching Business

by | Apr 21, 2020

How I Went Into Debt To Start My Online Nutrition Coaching Business I get COUNTLESS DM’s every day saying “Tony, I want to have an online business like you do as an RD, but I don’t have money to start one.” ⠀

Listen very closely to me: Successful people NEVER say: I CAN’T! They say: HOW CAN I?

Successful people don’t say “I can’t afford coaching or help with my goals.” They say: “How CAN I afford to invest in myself and my dreams.” This isn’t something that can be taught. You either have the desire to succeed and you’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES, or you don’t. Period. ⠀

Business is hard. It took me over a decade to get where I am today. Countless times in my journey I didn’t have tools, money, or resources, so I got RESOURCEFUL and had to FIGURE IT OUT. Hell, I went into DEBT to hire my first coach. Was I nervous? Yes. But I KNEW in my heart I would MAKE IT WORK. I had FAITH in my goals before I could ever see them. No one taught that to me. I had the mindset of a conqueror even when I was dirt broke and in debt. ⠀

ONLINE ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Read that again. Sorry, but it’s the truth. This economic crisis will be WEEDING “wantra-preneurs” out just like Organic Chemistry did in college lol! Hey, like Darwin said, only the strong can survive!

If you have what it takes. If you truly believe in YOU and are willing to DO THE WORK. If you’re willing to get RESOURCEFUL when you don’t have RESOURCES. And if YOU NEVER GIVE UP. Then you CAN and WILL succeed. ⠀

If you’re an RD and you’re looking to move into online nutrition coaching, and you possess the above traits send me a DM and I’d love to discuss more about you and your goals. ⠀ How do you get resourceful in your life? Let me know below.

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