Tips On How To Keep Your Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Business Thriving Through COVID-19 from a Dietitian Business Coach

by | Mar 27, 2020

I think all of us can agree that the world is going through a pretty interesting time right now. People are getting sick, we’re being ordered to stay in our houses, restaurants and gyms are closed, schools and universities are closed, toilet paper is nowhere to be found. It’s madness! I’m sure many of you Entrepreneurial RD’s out there are panicking and wondering if your nutrition coaching business will survive this pandemic, and as a Dietitian Business Coach, I am here to tell you that YES, your business can most definitely survive and even GROW during this time. If you’re a Dietitian Entrepreneur, keep reading because I have 4 MAJOR tips for you to keep your business thriving through COVID-19!

#1 Stay Consistent

Consistency is everything, it truly is a key to success. I know most, if not all of us, are spending most of our time inside our houses practicing self-isolation. This is the PERFECT opportunity to spend time creating content and reaching out to people! Keep sharing images and infographics on Instagram, and start building up a stockpile of images you can use in the future. Create a webinar and/or go live on Facebook often, connect with your followers and clients! Set up a challenge in your Facebook group, many RD’s in the I Believe Mastermind have had great success with these. 

I know you may want to take this time to relax and not spend as much time on your business, but if you want growth and success you need to TAKE ACTION even when you don’t want to. Taking action during situations like this is what separates the good Dietitian Entrepreneurs from the GREAT Dietitian Entrepreneurs. 

Watch this Youtube video where I discuss the importance of consistency in more detail!

#2: Take This Opportunity To Become Good At Being Uncomfortable

Entrepreneurship is TOUGH, I’m sure many of you know this already. There will be times, like this pandemic, where you’ll be in an uncomfortable situation and you won’t really know what to do or think!

“Are my clients going to quit on me?”

“Is my business going to tank?!”

“Will anyone sign on with me during this time?”

I understand how this can be a scary situation, but if you ALWAYS stay inside your comfort zone you will NEVER grow, reach your goals, or maximize your potential. Staying sane and productive during this time will enable you to become GREAT at embracing chaotic, uncertain, and uncomfortable times like this.

You have to be willing to become uncertain and put yourself in a position where change is rapid, where you don’t have anything guaranteed. You have to be willing to MAKE IT WORK.

Check out this vlog where I talk more about changes and challenges in your Dietitian Business

#3: Don’t Isolate Yourself From Other Dietitian Entrepreneurs

Social-isolation is essential right now, but this does not mean you need to drop ALL contact from your fellow Dietitian Entrepreneurs. In the I Believe Mastermind, we are a FAMILY who turns to each other when we’re struggling, when we have questions when we need support, etc. It is important to realize that you are NOT alone during this pandemic! Turn to your fellow Dietitian Nutrition Coaches and ask what they’re doing to keep their business thriving, brainstorm with each other, strategize! 

Make sure you watch this video from a past I Believe Mastermind weekend retreat where I give a toast on the importance of proximity to other Dietitian Entrepreneurs!


This is probably the most important tip I can give to any Dietitian Entrepreneur, pandemic or not.

If you’re having thoughts like this:

“What if this doesn’t work out?”

“What if no one wants to be a client?”

“What if I need to find another job?”

STOP. If you’re thinking and talking like this, then that is what you’re going to get. You need to think positive and believe in yourself and your business if you’re going to make it.  

If you TRULY believe in yourself, there is NOTHING to worry about. Write this down….There is NO risk if you bet on yourself. 

Check out this recent Instagram post where I talk about why in a time of health crisis RD’s are needed now more than ever!

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