Copywriting 101 for Dietitian Entrepreneurs ft. Samantha Scruggs With Tony Stephan – School of Success Ep. 93

In this episode of the School of Success podcast, Tony sits down with Samantha Scruggs to discuss copywriting 101 for dietitians. Samantha Scruggs is a copywriting and marketing expert for dietitians, course creators, and health professionals. She has years of experience as a private practice dietitian and has recently shifting gears to focus more on the art of copywriting. She has become extremely successful at writing copy for several big name companies through years of working in the field, self-education through courses, and hiring coaches. She has also has courses and services that educate dietitians and health experts on copywriting techniques.

Samantha gives several actionable tips for dietitians who are starting out and want to grow their online practice or create an educational course. For example, she stresses the point of telling a story to your audience and putting magic behind your words. It’s not enough to create a post, course, or sales page. The words behind your post need to not only educate but entertain your reader as well.

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