Dietitian Business Mastermind Retreat – Costa Mesa June 2019

I’m going to assume you’re here because you are a registered dietitian or nutrition expert who has formal education when it comes to nutrition, but you are lost and confused with connecting your formal education to the real-world application of a successful online nutrition coaching business. Or, maybe you’re here because you already have an online business, but you’re overwhelmed because you’re lacking a customized and a blueprint to follow so you can expedite your results. The I Believe Mentorship and the Dietitian Entrepreneur Mastermind Retreat can help you with that. Just a reminder – the upcoming Weekend Retreat is going to be in Costa Mesa, California on January 25th and 26th, 2020. This two-day, exclusive experience is strictly reserved to the full-time members of the I Believe Mentorship and just FIVE sit in guests. We prefer to keep this event small so that we can provide each member plenty of one-on-one time and really dive deep into you and your business. Since space is very limited, we’re accepting participants on a first come, first serve basis.

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