Dietitian Entrepreneur Mastermind: How To Handle Problems in Your Online Dietitian Business

When you create an online nutrition coaching business, you are signing up to be a professional problem solver. Why? Because you WILL without a doubt have challenges.  Building a nutrition coaching business from the ground up is not easy in any way, shape, or form, ask any Dietitian entrepreneur! Due to this, I want to share with you HOW to handle the problems you are going to face. Take notes because this is some valuable information that you will want to ALWAYS remind yourself of when those unpredictable problems and challenges get in your way!

You get what you focus on. I’ll say that again because it’s that important. You get what you focus on! As mentioned above, you are going to have challenges, it’s something that WILL happen. As a Dietitian Business Coach, I have been able to help dozens and dozens of my clients come out of difficult situations such as the ones below: 

  • You’ll drop sales
  • You’ll be ghosted 
  • You’ll lose clients
  • You might not get chosen for something like a speaking engagement
  • Your family or spouse might think you’re insane for having your own business and not a “real” job

If you focus on these problems, guess what will happen? You’ll get more of them. It will become overwhelming, you’ll get angry, and you’ll want to quit. It happens to SO many Dietitian entrepreneurs. Understand that dietitian entrepreneurship is NOT about avoiding problems, because it’s loaded with problems! This career choice is not rainbows and sunshine, it’s a treacherous sea that occasionally has nice calm waters. 

Watch this quick youtube video where I go over HOW to show up in your business even when you don’t feel like it.

As time moves on and you become more experienced as a Dietitian entrepreneur those calm waters will last longer, and those huge waves that crash against you don’t occur as often, but in order to get to this point, you need to focus on the POSITIVES and do NOT stray from your path. 

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As a Dietitian Business Coach I have my clients write this phrase down: what you focus on is what you will manifest. 

Condition your brain, like training a muscle in the gym, to always see opportunity even when it may seem like there isn’t any. This is a major key to becoming a successful Dietitian entrepreneur!

Unsuccessful Dietitian entrepreneurs only see problems:

  • “I lost a client”
  • “I’m not good enough for this”
  • “Instagram is down, I’m going to lose so many followers”
  • “I’m being too salesy”
  • “No one likes me”
  • “I don’t get any likes on my posts”
  • “People think I’m crazy”

Do you really think talking and feeling this way about yourself and your business is going to bring you more clients? Heck no! What you focus on is what you will manifest. 

Successful Dietitian entrepreneurs view problems as opportunity:

  • “I lost a client, but that just opened up 3 more doors for 3 better clients”
  • “Instagram has been down all day so I can’t post, I’ll work on making more content so I have some stocked up!”
  • “People can think I’m crazy, I don’t care. I LOVE what I do.”

Are you focusing on the problems in your nutrition coaching business or are you focusing on your solutions and opportunities? What you focus on is what you will manifest, and it is ultimately YOUR choice. 

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