Five Questions To Ask Yourself Every Morning

Dominate your mornings and you earn your freedom at night.

That was the most important thing Craig Ballantyne aka the world’s most productive man taught me.

What do most people do first thing in the morning? They hit the snooze button a few times. Then, begrudgingly accept that it’s a new day and turn their alarm off. Next, it’s usually a mindless surf of social media, Facebook, Instagram, and emails. If there is an upsetting story on their social media, or an annoying email from the boss, their whole day already has a negative spin to it before they even got out of bed!

There’s a better way to live my friend.

Here are five questions I teach to my Private Coaching Clients to ask themselves before getting out of bed that will give your day purpose and set you up for success.

What am I looking forward to today? 

This simple question places value on being alive today. This can be something as small as the sun is out, to something bigger like a date with that special someone. Whatever it is, big or small, this question forces you to focus on the present day and the excitement about being alive.

What am I looking forward to in the future?

This question gets you focused on your mission, your passion, and your goals in life. By keeping these on the forefront of your mind you stay on the path and keep pursuing them each and every day.

Am I doing things today that lead directly to my goals?

A perfect follow up to the previous question. So you have these big dreams and goals, but what are you actually doing today to move yourself towards them? Don’t give me the excuse either that you are “too busy” today. Even small steps will move you forward and compound over time if done on a consistent basis.  You hate your job and want to start your own company? I understand you can’t quit today, but you can research locations for your start up business. You can create a blog and start writing about your chosen field. You can reach out to someone already doing what you hope to do and pick their brain. Take small actions each day to move your forward. It’s a process called Kaizen which means small steps of improvement every single day.

Am I being my best friend and supporter right now? 

Are you your own personal cheer leader, or your own worst critic? Look I tend to be overly critical on myself so I get it, but when I stop and give myself praise when I do the right things, or accomplish something, I feel more relaxed and excited to keep working and pressing forward. It’s important to analyze yourself and course correct when things aren’t working. However, you should always support yourself and believe more than anyone else in your own mission. If you don’t believe in you, how can you expect anyone else to?

Am I living in the present moment and am I truly grateful to be alive today?

This one is so important. Are you just living, or are you truly alive? Do you stop to appreciate the small things and the fact that you are ALIVE, breathing, and healthy? Don’t get caught up in the rat race of life. The world you live in is your choice.

Yes, read that again. You chose the career you are in. You chose to live where you are currently living. Your choices are a direct reflection of your current health, your current bank account, and your current relationship status.

Whether they are all good or bad, they were your choice. 

What if you don’t like where your current choices have lead you? Well, the good news is you can change them by making the decision to do so.

The world is open to your interpretation of it. It begins with being present in the moment and having another opportunity to make changes starting today.

You can become anything you wish to be.

It begins with belief. Followed by massive action.

Remember, this isn’t our second shot at life it’s our only shot.

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