Grow Your Online Nutrition Coaching Business

I get it, growing a business is tough work. Not everyone is cut out to literally create, construct, and control an online nutrition coaching business, and that’s okay! However, if you are one of those go-getter nutrition entrepreneurs who are building a business from the ground up, I am here to help you out. I have come up with 9 helpful tips on how to grow your business organically that I know will be beneficial if you put them into action.

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1. Find Time. If only there were 24 hours in a day…oh wait, there is! Truthfully, there is more than enough time in a day to get stuff done. Do you scroll on social media?
Do you sit in front of the TV for an hour or two a day? Do you press snooze 10 times in the morning? I know we’re ALL guilty of at least one of these! I want you to take a moment and think about how much time you are currently wasting on unimportant “tasks” throughout the day. If you are scrolling on Instagram, flipping through Disney+, AND sleeping in every day, you are wasting HOURS of precious time that could easily be spent on your business instead. You should be getting ​at least​ 90 minutes of deep work per day.Key Takeaway: There ARE enough hours in the day. Stop wasting precious time and prioritize!

2. FIO (Figure It Out). Being resourceful as well as a problem solver is a superpower of an entrepreneur. I’ll tell you right now that problems WILL arise when you own your own business. Sure, a few years down the line you might not see problems as often as when you’re beginning your entrepreneurial journey, but you will still see them. You have to be ready to jump into action and solve these problems as they come, or else your nutrition coaching business will not grow at the rate that it can. Are​ you ​ready? Key Takeaway: Being resourceful is an absolute key to success!

3. No Amount of Money Can Buy Time. Although it would be awesome to have an unlimited amount of cash on hand, no matter how rich you are, you still have the same 24 hours in a day as everyone else. Yes, you heard it here first, Oprah, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jeff Bezos all have 24 hours in a day just like us! What do you want out of your business and what do you want to spend your time doing? Do you like to travel, spend time with family, get a good workout in? Your business needs to give YOU the time to do what you love. If not, your lifestyle is trying to fit into your business, not the other way around. Key Takeaway: Always make time for YOU and the things that make you happy.

4. Conversions Come From Conversations. How do you expect to grow your business? By sitting behind your computer screen and not communicating with anyone? WRONG. If you are not comfortable with sending DMs, starting conversations, and reaching out to people on a daily basis, then I’m sorry, but being an online entrepreneur is probably not the right career path for you. Growth comes from communication. Send those Instagram DMs, start conversations in your Facebook community, talk to people in person! How will anyone know about your business unless you do this? ​(hint:​ they won’t) Key Takeaway: Communication = growth

5. VPS Contentvaluable, purposeful, and sharable. These are the three major characteristics your content should have. It’s tempting to post what ​you​ want to post, but if you want your business to grow you need to be making content that’s appealing to the individuals needing your coaching services. For instance, if you’re a registered dietitian nutrition coach focusing on intuitive eating, do you think a picture of your dog or an infographic describing “5 ways to track weight loss without the scale” will be more valuable, purposeful, and shareable by your ideal client? I think you know the answer.

6. 80% of Leadership is How You Lead Yourself . Believe it or not, but you are actually fully in charge of someone on this planet, and guess what? That person is you! You can have every resource in the world for how to be a great nutrition coach, but if you don’t implement those resources and take action, success will not happen. Key Takeaway: Imperfect action will always beat standing still.

7. The Wrong Client Will Cost 15x More Than What They’re Worth. Do you know what sucks? Stress, wasted time, and frustration. Do you know what the wrong client gives you? You guessed it…stress, wasted time, and a whole lot of frustration. If your ideal client is a woman who is motivated to lose some weight, and you onboard a man who is nowhere near motivated to lose weight, this will not only create an anxiety-ridden environment for you but for the client as well. You’ll waste your time trying to motivate this person, and by onboarding the wrong client, you may have missed an opportunity to create revenue by taking on your ideal client instead. Key Takeaway: Know who your program is for.

8. Write Down Your Vivid Vision. This is essential! Write down a vision statement explaining WHY you chose to create your business, what you want your business to be like, and where you see it in the future. Share this with everyone! By sharing your vivid vision, this allows your family, friends, clients, and coworkers to know exactly where your business is headed. Key Takeaway: Have a clear picture of why you’ve started your business and what you want to accomplish.

9. Prioritize! I’ll keep this last one short and sweet. When it comes to planning your week, make sure that you are prioritizing the tasks that make YOU happy. Don’t skip workouts, date night with your significant other, and game night with your kids if those activities bring you joy! Key Takeaway: Plan your week around what matters most.