How to Grow Your Nutrition Coaching Business

Starting a nutrition coaching business can definitely be intimidating, especially when thinking about starting from the ground up. The biggest question I get from new nutrition entrepreneurs is “How do I get clients?” In today’s world of influencers, paid Facebook and Instagram ads are SO widespread, but what if I told you that you didn’t have to pay for advertising to gain clients? That’s right, you heard me! 

Believe it or not, you DON’T have to pay for publicity in order to gain traffic to your services. Revenue is not profit. These simple, fast, and best of all FREE strategies will help you to make your first few sales and will keep your business GROWING. The following information will be of value to each and every nutrition entrepreneur, whether you already have clients or not. 

Step 1: Talk to People

Yes, it’s that easy. The simplest way to gain clients is by starting conversations. Find people you know that you can serve and approach the conversation in a way that is different from your competitors. People fail when they approach a conversation with the mindset of “What can you do for me?” Instead, put VALUE in the inefficiencies and reframe by asking, “What can I do FOR YOU?” 

Ask, “What can I help solve in your life, what connection can I make, what resource can I provide?” Providing FREE services that others would charge for will set you apart from other business owners!

Step 2: Be Present on Social Media 

Post daily on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok! New and creative content will help you to gain followers as well as appeal to your current audience! 

Interacting with your followers is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY in order to build relationships and gain potential clients for nutrition coaching. As a nutrition entrepreneur, you CANNOT be afraid to DM people and start conversations. Even though it might be a bit out of your comfort zone, it’s CRUCIAL to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

This is where massive growth happens! 

The more you do it, the easier it gets, and you do this by approaching as many people as humanly possible EACH AND EVERY DAY. People in my program thrive because they are willing to put their clients and future clients first, instead of ending each and every Instagram post with “DM me to buy my program.”

Step 3: Show Up Each and Every Day

Show up for your clients and show up for YOURSELF. That’s it my friends. Being consistent, posting content, and connecting with others will without a doubt grow your business to new heights. As long as you wake up each and every day and put in the effort, the rest will come. 

Don’t sit around and wait for things to happen, TAKE ACTION

Don’t believe me that it’s THIS simple? RD entrepreneur Laura Gaston explains how she started her nutrition coaching business with ZERO clients.

Now, I challenge you to go to 3 people. Thank them for following you and ask what you can do for them. This is what will help you to grow your nutrition coaching business, day in and day out. 

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