How to Have a Healthy and Delicious Thanksgiving with ALDI

Thanksgiving is the time of year to spend with your family and friends.  We are able to reflect on how blessed we are to sit around an amazing dinner table.  ALDI can help you make this Thanksgiving the best one yet!  Whether you are hosting or bringing a dish to pass, ALDI has everything you need from the recipe to fresh, affordable, dietitian approved ingredients!

For our main course option we are going to start with the apple cider and balsamic glazed ham. As a Registered Dietitian I always tell my clients to get a lean protein at every meal. Ham is a great protein example. The apple cider and ham glaze will make a traditional ham burst with flavor and add a crunchy texture to this meal.  Apple cider vinegar can be added to several dishes and supports a healthy heart.  Every Wednesday, ALDI offers incredible prices on fresh meat. When you see the “Weekly Fresh Meat Special” sign, you’ll find extra-low prices on the very best cuts of meat.

Next, we have the Thanksgiving side dishes!  The first side dish is a spin on a traditional Thanksgiving side.  I suggest a butternut squash bake topped with a cranberry oatmeal crumble.  The cranberry crumble will add a crunch and help balance out the side to hit more of the food groups. This is a very simple dish to bring to pass!  The second side I suggest is sautéed green beans and tomatoes.  Green beans are a great source of fiber, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C.  This side can also be served cold and as an appetizer salad. 

Who doesn’t love dessert? For dessert I suggest baked apples and pumpkin pie.  For the baked apples I would suggest using green apples for a sweeter flavor.  This is a great change from the traditional apple pie.  You only need a few simple ingredients to add to the apples: cinnamon which is a great antioxidant, pecans, low-fat butter, and brown sugar.  It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie!  This can be made into a full pie or for smaller serving size options, make pumpkin pie tarts! You can find Simply Nature Organic Pumpkin Pie Filling in the ALDI Finds section for $1.49 per can. It goes on sale on Nov. 13 for a limited time so make sure to check it out

Finally, what is a holiday party without a plethora of alcohol options?  ALDI has a massive selection of alcohol for wine and beer connoisseurs. There is a little something for everyone whether you love red wine, white wine, or an ice cold beer.  We have an Intermingle Red Blend, Wicked Grove Hard Cider, Wild Range IPA, and Grand Mori Valdobbiadene Prossecco. If you are looking something more calorie friendly I would stick with the Grand Mori Valdobbiadene Prossecco.  Red wine is a great heart healthy option too.  Having a drink can fit in your healthy lifestyle with moderation.  If you’re running low on wine glasses, no. worries!  Look for Crofton Stemless Wine Glasses for $3.99 in our ALDI Finds section, which also go on sale on Nov. 13 for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

ALDI has won numerous food awards and offers a great selection for providing healthy options for you and your family. In fact one in 5 ALDI-exclusive products is award-winning (as of 5/3/19, based on an audit of everyday, nationally distributed ALDI-exclusive products).. All of the ingredients and recipes are provided at They are very simple to follow and all of the ingredients can be found at your local ALDI store.  All of these recipes are a sure way to nominate yourself to host the next holiday!