I Was Kicked Out Of The News

“Sorry…..We are cancelling the segment.

You don’t have enough props to put this on TV.”

Those were the words from the producer the first time I went to be on the news over a year ago.

Anyone who knows me, knows it’s hard to make me speechless (I blame the Italian genetics).

But I was speechless in that moment.

Here I was READY for my first big shot at live TV.

Something I had dreamed about since I was 10.

And I blew it.

I did exactly what the PR person at my former job said to do. Bring some healthy food, nothing too crazy, just a few dishes. Then when I arrived at the news station I was placed in a large demo kitchen and I quickly realized I wasn’t going to have enough props to fill the kitchen.

So, I set up as best as possible with what I had and hoped for the best.

I was sitting nervously in the Green Room when the producer came in and told me they were cancelling the segment.

At first I thought she was joking.

She wasn’t.

I could tell both the producers felt bad, but the reality was the segment would of been a disaster.

I tried using my persuasion tactics to get them to let me do the segment anyways.

I mean this was my ONE chance!

I thought I could charm my way in.

It didn’t work.

I was sent home.

I had my one opportunity and I blew it. I felt horrible. I felt defeated. Depressed.

But I made a promise to myself. I was defeated in that movement but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from reaching my end goal. I told myself I was going to email the producer, apologize, and promise to come back and OVER deliver if they would just give me one more chance.

Fortunately for me, they gave me that chance.

I went back a few short weeks later and crushed it.

Fast forward to now and I have been on multiple times the past year and I just completed another segment this past weekend.

It’s so rewarding to be able to educate my community and work towards my mission of helping 100,000 people lose weight without diets or restrictions by the year 2020.

Now, I am not telling you this story to impress you.

I am trying to impress upon you the fact that we are all faced with adversity when we are SO close to achieving what we really want. I could of sat back and complained. I could of said how unfair it was and blamed circumstances from preventing me from achieving my goals. I could of accepted that it just wasn’t for me.

But I chose not to.

I chose to keep working, keep pushing, until I reached the outcome I desired.

The temporary set back I faced initially forced me to come back even stronger the next time and over-deliver. If I didn’t get asked to leave the first time, I may have never made it back on multiple times over the past year. The lesson I want you to take from this story is:

Your challenges are there to MAKE you not BREAK you.

Adversity fuels your success.

Ask yourself; where in your own life have you faced adversity when you are striving towards your goals?

Did you embrace the adversity and grow through it? If not, that’s ok. Start right now. Every challenge brings with it the equal seeds of opportunity for growth.

I am telling you to BET ON YOURSELF.

Trust yourself.

Grow through your edges and you will achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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