Stop Buying Template Meal Plans

Meal plans. They sound tempting, but I’m about to explain to you why you should NEVER buy template nutrition plans or programs.

But before I jump into that, I want to tell you about one of my nutrition coaching clients that I had a few years back. I remember being on the phone with her one day and we were talking about her results. She was kicking butt, loving life, and was crushing her goals. She told me in the past that she had used those template meal plans.

If you don’t know what a template program is, it’s anything like a pre-planned diet that you would find online somewhere such as You input your information such as age, weight, height, and it shoots out meal plans to you.

My client was telling me that this did NOT serve her needs or get her to where she wanted to be. She felt frustrated that she INVESTED in something that didn’t get her to where she wanted to go.

Fortunately, once she got onto my coaching team, she started seeing results immediately!

That’s why this topic is SO important. We see these 30 day challenges and ‘quick fix’ plans everywhere, but I’m about to explain why these programs are NOT for you!

A custom plan is individualized to YOUR needs, but meal plans LACK any sort of customization.

I can’t stress this enough: Your nutrition program should fit into your lifestyle, NOT the other way around. What do I mean by this? If you love to go out on Friday’s and enjoy some wine and cheese because you enjoy this, then you should be able to do that! But then you get this template meal plan that doesn’t ‘allow’ for that, you’re now stuck at home on a Friday night eating chicken and broccoli. That’s NOT okay! You should not have to give up the things that matter to you the most. A night out with family, a slice of pizza, whatever. If not, will you be able to stick to this for the rest of your life, I doubt it!

A custom program should be based on your DYNAMIC metabolism.

NOT just plugging your age, height, and weight into and online calculator as in a template plan. While those factors are important to consider, your metabolism goes SO MUCH deeper than that. I’m not going to give you a biochemistry lecture here, but you need to know that your metabolism is composed of billions of chemical reactions daily. Your metabolism goes much deeper than your height, age and weight. As a registered dietitian I will tell you that there are so many other factors involved with you seeing progress with your nutrition program. What is deeper? Your past weight loss history, your past nutrition history, past crash diets, past caloric surpluses. Even your stress levels need to be taken into consideration! These, and many other factors, are all crucial to building a proper nutrition program.

Custom plans include continual adjustments based on your progress, templates offer ZERO adjustments.

These adjustments are REQUIRED to get you to where you want to go. Nutrition is not linear! Say, for example, that you want to lose weight. Eventually, you will hit a plateau which is completely normal. But, you have to be able to make an adjustment in your nutrition program to be able to keep seeing results. Template programs don’t do this! if they do, they definitely aren’t making adjustments based on YOUR progress and YOUR feedback. This is why we need to use the feedback based on your DYNAMIC metabolism as I mentioned above in order to make adjustments. See how this is all tying together?

Hopefully what I just explained to you was beneficial! If this sounds like something you could benefit from, leave a comment below or send me an email. Let me know your goals and where you are at!

Regardless, walking away from today I NEED you to know to NOT waste your money on these meal plans. They don’t produce results. Keep your money and invest it into custom coaching that WILL get you to where to want to go.


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