Stop Caring What Everyone Else Thinks

I had a really interesting conversation with a client the other day that I’d like to share with you.

She has lost almost 70 lbs now in my coaching program and she has done it all without diets or restrictions. Before she had tried every diet in the book, and like most never saw the success she truly deserved. Luckily I had the opportunity to teach her a flexible approach to weight loss, we discovered the why behind the weight gain, and the results have been amazing. This is the first time she has seen success in her adult life.

She told me after we first spoke she hesitated about joining the private coaching program. She hesitated because she was afraid of failing again. Really, she was afraid of what everyone else would think if she failed again.

She was concerned about what her co-workers would say. “Oh, here she goes again on another diet.”

She was concerned what her friends would say. “Aren’t you tired of trying to lose weight by now?”

She almost didn’t say yes to herself because of that.

Fortunately, she did. 70lbs later she has said “Investing in myself and in private coaching has been the best decision I have made. It gave me my life back.”

This all almost didn’t happen because of fear of what others may of thought of her.

Isn’t that crazy to think?

If she would of let the fear of what others thought stop her, who knows where she would be right now.

Have you ever found yourself so concerned about what everyone else may be thinking?

I want you to do a self analysis right now.

What have you been putting off or avoiding that you REALLY want in fear of what others may think? Are you like my client, and on the verge of saying no to yourself and what you desire in fear of others criticism?

I want to make a confession to you here.

I prolonged making videos and writing on this blog for about a year. Why? It was the fear of criticism and what others may think of me. My fiancé would use our iPad to record videos of me in my old apartment and I would delete them all.

I was afraid to post them. I would write blog posts and then read them over and over  until I finally deleted them completely in fear of what others may think.

Until one day I received life changing advice from a mentor of mine.

“The content that you worry about what people will think, are the ones you need to share the most.”

Life changed in a matter of seconds. He continued to tell me:

“Tell your truth. Some will hate it, some will disagree, but if you can help one person, that’s all that matters.”

That is the power of having a mentor or a coach. They see things and push us forward through things they themselves have learned and they literally cut down so many wasted hours in our own life by teaching us from their past experiences.

My message to you is to stop caring what others may or may not think about you.

Be indifferent.

Be self loving.

Don’t become prisoner to external validations.

You have everything you need internally.

In both instances of my life and my client, we were both worrying about things that hadn’t even happened yet!

That’s what trips me up the most as I read this.

We were fighting ghosts that didn’t even exist. Our brains are so powerful which can be used for us, or against us.

We create these imaginary situations in our heads and force ourselves to live them out before they even happen.

If you can relate to this then ask yourself: What are you putting off in fear of what others may think?

How do you over come that fear?

Just do it.

That is what you need to do the most.

Take action.

Do it for you.

Don’t be reaction seeking or reactive.

Live your truth.

Pursue your passion.

I’ve come to learn that resistance means you are on the right path. Embrace any adversity or resistance and know you are moving in the right direction.

“The only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing, to do nothing, and to be nothing.”- Elbert Hubbard

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