Why You Shouldn’t Have a Plan B in Your Nutrition Coaching Business

I know having a plan b sounds like a great idea. If everything fails you have something else to fall back on, what could be wrong with that? Well, a lot actually. If you are a serious registered dietitian nutrition coach who is not only motivated but an action taker as well, there are absolutely zero reasons why you should have a backup plan.

Have a “Burn the Boats” Mentality

“Burning the boats” simply means giving yourself no other options. There is no looking over your shoulder and no turning your back to anything except for the business path in front of you. When you DO have a plan b or even a plan c, d, and e, this allows your mind to think “oh hey, well if this doesn’t work out, if this gets too tough, at least I have those 2 other ideas I can turn to instead.”

Reality check: building a nutrition coaching business IS going to get tough. You can not go into a business thinking that you’re just “trying it out.” You need to understand that it’s going to take work and a lot of it. Some days you will feel like you made the wrong decision, you might get sad and angry, and you might want to quit.  This is why having a plan b is not a good idea, if you give yourself the SLIGHTEST chance of retreating, you WILL take it!

You need to take a hard look at yourself and your business and take those challenging moments you have had and will have, and embrace those challenges as an opportunity for growth. Failure is feedback.

For instance, let’s say you create an ebook on plant-based protein sources. You put it out in the world, but as you keep looking at it you notice some things you wish you would have said, pictures you wish you would have taken, and fonts and other editing tools you wish you would have used. Not many individual’s download it and it makes you think that you’ve completely failed. If you are ever in this type of situation, take a deep breath and realize that no matter what happens you can always make it better next time. Keep what you like and discard what you don’t, it’s as simple as that.

There are very very few people in this world who have created a business that immediately took off and made money. Growth and success will come to you as long as you continue to take action, while also taking your tough moments and turning them into strengths. As Bob Ross would say, “You need the dark in order to show the light.”

Commit Yourself

Commit yourself to the process of creating and building your dream business. Yes, a plan b, or “safety net,” may be a way to protect us from the pain of the failure and tough challenges that lie ahead, but they can also take away our focus and determination toward what we really want to achieve. If you give yourself too many options of what to do when things don’t work out, things will NOT work out. Write that down! However, if you don’t give yourself a plan b and c, you give yourself no other option than to succeed.

The reason most people fail is that they quit, and they quit because they gave themselves too many other options to fall back on. Be confident in yourself and stick to your ONE plan/business, when times get tough (because they will) don’t back down, fight through those challenges and success will come to you.


If you are not 110% ready to dive into owning and running your own nutrition coaching business, then don’t! Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, however, if building your own business is what you feel you’re called to do, invest in some help!

As mentioned before, when people give themselves plan b’s it allows them to take an easy out, especially when times get tough. If you have resources, such as a coach or mentor, you are able to talk out your struggles with someone who has been in your shoes and help get yourself on a path for success rather than staying sad, angry, confused, etc. I can promise you that there is not one successful person on this Earth who has done it all on their own. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength!

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